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Life Transitioning

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Helping the terminal ill pass to the other side with dignity.

Setting children, teens, and adults up for success through Tracy's guidance.

Dealing with a loss? Tracy can help you pass through the grief.

Tracy Brings Heaven to Earth

As a 40 + year veteran, Tracy Turner does her readings with clarity and confidence. Whether she is discussing a past life, present situation, or things to come, Tracy guides her clients through her angels and the messages received. Tracy is known to provide accurate insight and guidance to her clients, who have commonly returned years later to express their gratitude and confirmation on past readings.


Tracy considers herself a Spiritual Counselor sent by God to empower people to find their highest and best good. When you are fully informed spiritually, you are apt to make better choices with clarity. Tracy’s readings can help change your life trajectory by providing current-day insight and changes to impact your future. Tracy has the gift to see your life unfold the way God intended. She shares that knowledge passionately and candidly for your enlightenment.


Naturally gifted from birth, Tracy can connect with God, Angels, and those who have crossed over to the other side. Guiding hundreds of clients worldwide for the last 40 years, Tracy opens her heart, spirit, and kindness each time she interacts with her clients.


Not only does Tracy provide in-person readings to her local Florida clientele, but Tracy also incorporates tele-visits, phone readings, and digital workshops, enabling her to stay connected and reach clients internationally.


Life Transitioning

Life Coaching for Children

Grief Counseling

Motivational Speaking

Sessions are 30 to 60 minutes by appointment only in person, by phone, or through video chat.

Getting a Reading with Tracy


Tracy hears the words, sees the images, and watches your personal story unfold with each session. She doesn't need to see you in person to share her gift and does many personal readings by phone, but she does require you to write down at least a couple of questions for your reference. Don't send her your questions they are for you to look at during your reading.


She always says a prayer before and after your session, surrounding you both with God's white light. About halfway into your reading, she asks those on the other side to come forward with messages they may need to share. Sometimes they do, and sometimes they don't. Nothing is pushed or rushed. It is very relaxing and peaceful during the entire process.


Tracy also allocates time in each session for you to ask her questions or get clarification on anything that she has communicated. She also records and provides a link to your recorded session for you to review and use for your personal growth as many times as you want.


Your reading will be honest, direct, and presented in a way that you will understand clearly.

Tracy's track record of repeat clients over the years speaks for itself, as do her reviews.


She is known around the world as the "go-to person" for spiritual and practical personal development.

After Life Transitioning Service


Tracy, over the years, has been called by family members and friends to assist souls in their transition to the other side. There are many reasons why people can not easily make the transition from earth to heaven. Whether they are caught between planes from an untimely death, suicide, in a coma, or are stuffing from a long-term illness, Tracy will spiritually release, pray, and cleanse the soul of your loved one for a straightforward transition. As a part of this service, Tracy will work with the family in their grief with two additional sessions, so the change is effective for all souls involved in the release. Different sessions can be discussed.


This unique service of spiritual release has unconventionally made families and the transition to finding peace in a challenging time of the cycle of life so much smoother. Tracy techniques are by no means a substation for one's religious belief system but has been used as life and death choice and has been used alone and in conjunction with traditional ways of release.

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Life Coaching (Life / Relationship / Children)


Tracy will meet with you individually or remotely to set your course of direction in the goals of life you wish to achieve. Tracy’s alternative counseling methods are designed for one’s mental and spiritual health.


These life coaching sessions lead to the highest and best outcome for the client, making them the prime focus. As in her readings, Tracy will review your past lives, present issues to precisely plan your short and long-term happiness together. The work is very intense, no matter what the problem or concern is. The results are remarkable. Tracy works with children and young adults on all levels with comfort and empathy to create trust and comfort, unlike traditional consulting. In life coaching, Tracy weighs past life, passions, and confidence issues to unblock all potential achievement and confidence.


In interaction relationship issues, Tracy works independently or with couples to find the root of the relationship blockage and change the direction from negative communication to positive and easy flowing for all parties involved. Tracy never sugarcoats with fancy words or asks you to do unobtainable exercises that have no results. What works for you and your situation is not best for the next person.


All the work Tracy does is spiritual, unique to each soul, and guided by God’s white light. Tracy’s work should never be considered religious and can be entwined with conventional counseling methods if the client sees fit to do so.

Sessions typically last between

30 and 60 minutes.

Grief Counseling


Grief affects us in many different ways. Tracy helps those in parallel understand the connection between heaven and earth. Tracy will allow closure and communication with loved ones. She is accurate and answers questions to help heal the loss, and pain individuals feel while dealing with all stages of grief. Her methods have been proven to be highly effective, sensitive, and loving. She will answer all questions regarding death’s transition to heaven and let you know everything your loved one wants you to learn from another side while giving you the peace you desire while taking away your loneliness after just one session. Many clients have said," She is a proper channel to the other side. She gives messages from loved ones no one would know. She allowed me to start the healing process so that I can continue to live my life.” – Stacy, San Diego, CA

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Corporate and Non-Profit Motivational Speeches


In keeping with the philosophy of raising people to find and feel comfortable exploring all aspects of spiritual growth, Tracy offers a wide array of topics she speaks on with her audiences in a personal and remote experience. Her subjects range from finding your spiritual and professional balance and conciseness on how to catapult you to your life's income next level to discovering the joys of everyday life, starting with self-love. Tracy is happy to discuss your organization's vision and needs and handcraft a motivational and mutational discussion to suit your needs.


Contact our Marketing Department for further information on how to book Tracy for your next  Corporate or Non-Profit event.

  • Does Tracy take same-day or walk-in appointments?

    Unfortunately, Tracy’s schedule does not allow for same-day or walk-in appointments.

  • How do I make an appointment with Tracy?

    You can make your appointment with Tracy by clicking here. After clicking here, select your service, date, time, and create an account. After creating an account, you will pay for your appointment and manage your newly created appointment.

  • What should I expect during my reading?

    Tracy will welcome you into her space, and when you are both ready, she will start by saying an opening prayer. After her opening prayer, the flood gates will open up, and the information begins to flow. You’ll engage in an intimate conversation where you will find the caring, thoughtful, and focused insight you’re looking for. Everybody has their particular reason for connecting with Tracy, so don’t hesitate to speak freely about the answers you seek. Tracy will directly connect with either God, your spirits, or those on the other side. Tracy will have no recollection of your session, making it confidential and only for your ears, so make sure all your questions are asked before she ends your session.

  • What payment methods does Tracy accept?

    Tracy currently accepts credit card payments through her website. Exceptional circumstances, she will allow for payment through Zelle or Cash.

  • Is it appropriate to tip Tracy?

    Yes, of course, tips are greatly appreciated. Feel free to tip either prior to your appointment or in person.

  • What options are available for me to have a session with Tracy?

    Tracy offers three different options for your convince; video conference through zoom, phone, or in person.

  • Does being in front of Tracy make my experience more accurate or do I get a different message if I'm in person?

    Absolutely not. Tracy can receive your energy and messages from beyond soon as she conducts her prayer whether in person, on the phone, or via Zoom.

  • What if I am running late for my appointment? What should I do?

    If you are running more than ten minutes late, please get in touch with Tracy immediately so that she can either reschedule your appointment or see if she can accommodate your new schedule. If you don’t contact Tracy and you are too late for your appointment, your appointment will be missed, and you will need to rebook your appointment with Tracy at your cost.

  • Can I bring a friend with me to my individual appointment?

    It is recommended that you don’t, as Tracy might pick up their energy, and they might end up taking up your time. You are free to bring someone with you, but they will be asked to wait for you in a separate room while you have your session.

  • Can Tracy do a group session having more than two people at the same appointment?

    Tracy can absolutely provide a group session of two or more people with the session time being one hour long. Thirty-minute sessions are not available for group appointments.

  • I booked an in-person reading with Tracy. What do I do next?

    You will receive an email from Tracy letting you know that she has received your appointment and will provide you with instructions on what gate to use and her address. Please make sure you provide the name that shows on your license when you book your

    in-person reading, as the guard at the gate will not let you in if your name does not match the name that Tracy has received from you.

  • I booked a virtual appointment. What do I do next?

    As soon as finishing the booking process, you will receive instructions and a link to your zoom meeting with Tracy. If you did not receive that email, please check your spam folder. If you still don’t see it, contact Tracy at, and she will send you an email with your zoom meeting instructions.

  • I booked a phone reading with Tracy. What do I do next?

    You will receive an email from Tracy letting you know that she has received your appointment and will provide you with her phone number that you are to call at your designated time, as she will not call you.

  • How do I prepare for my session?

    Tracy asks that you write down five questions you would like answered before your appointment. Once you have your questions please bring them with you for reference. Also, by writing your questions down, they get put out to the universe, so more likely than not, Tracy will have answered all your questions before your reading is over.

  • With the information I am to receive, what is the best way to remember my reading?

    Tracy records every session for your review. Each recording is for your personal use and is sent to your email within 48hours of your appointment. Your recording is saved to and will be available for thirty days. After thirty days, deletes your recording. Tracy does not store copies of your reading, so once it’s gone, it’s gone forever.

  • How soon can I see Tracy after my session?

    Depending on the type of service Tracy provides you or your family member, it can be as soon as one week for grief counseling and life coaching, and for readings and life transitioning services, it’s at least once a month.

  • Do you sell gift certificates for your service, and when do they expire.

    Tracy does sell gift certificates available on her website, and you can purchase them by clicking her. Gift certificates by Tracy do not expire.

  • Does Tracy work with charities?

    Absolutely. Tracy loves giving back to the community and would be more than happy to assist charities. Don't hesitate to get in touch with Tracy below to inquire how she can help your charity.

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